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Kent Badminton Ltd AGM The 2018 AGM was held at Egerton Millennium Hall (TN27 9DS) @ 19:30 on the 8th of June 2018. Elected Directors for 2017-2018 are, Mike O’Keeffe, Mike Stimson, Jo Newson, Moses Preddie, Bradley Tillman & Ian Brothers.

Draft Minutes from 2018 AGM: Click Here


Reports for AGM 2018

Director & Chairman:

C&D 2018 – Click here for report

Finance Report:

FD 2018

Network Director:

ND 2018 – Click here for report

Marketing & Juniors Director:

M&JD 2018 – Click here for report

Masters Director:

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Tournament Officer:

TO 2018 – Click here for report

Half year update report:

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Action points from last Kent Board meeting – 19/04/18

  1. Further details for the AGM were formulated
  2. New proposals for the structure of Junior training were agreed – to be presented at the AGM, and communicated to the Regions


Criteria for picking Shires/Senior County teams: 

  1. Shires matches – Selected by pool of coaches from around the County
  2. Seniors matches – Teams chosen by Selection Committee at beginning of season and that committee to be 4 or more people
  3. Reasons for selection changes always given and agreed by more than one person
  4. Propose to publicise changes and reasons for changes to any players who request the information. Trying to be open and clear
  5. Selected on current form (Tournaments, BE Rankings or BE Gradings, Kent coaching session observations etc.)
  6. Players availability for match
  7. Suitability for a specific role in the team. (e.g. partners well for doubles or is a singles specialist)
  8. Works well in the team (it’s a team sport so its essential everyone works together)

Note: Additional selection process is in place for ICT/ICC. These team selections are made with a selected group of coaches but is still based on the above criteria.

Criteria for players selected to be a part of the county commit to the following minimum:

  • Must try to compete in at least 3 Badminton England tournaments or which 1 may be the Kent Restricted (This does not apply to players who have represented their county at National level). Note that senior players who play outside of the county in a BE tournament, Kent will refund 50% of the fees for the first tournament
  • Playing the Restricted for age group is mandatory unless formal reasons given in advance
  • If a player disagrees with their selection and refuses to play for a certain squad, that refusal may be considered to apply for any remaining matches in that season
  • If selected for a county match, be available and committed fully to play unless a formal reason given in advance


Kent District League Committee

League contacts are: Dave Gardner (NF), Paul Stephenson (Med), Mike O’Keeffe (Med),  Robin Wells (O/NWK), Philip Chipperfield (SF), Myra Launders (Rainham), John Spink (Rav), John Pye (TW) Robin Hart (Ump).




Articles of Association
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Bye Laws
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